Errorchi7d is one of the most impressive producers and a musically creative inventor from Germany.After his diverse Grunge & Punkrock projects, he decided to focus his craft to electronic music. Starting from his little fucked up shack, with a bunch of old & broken fucked up music equipment to being one of the hottest & freshest electronic music producer worldwide, he's still using the fucked up equipment, still living in his fucked up shack, still smoking, drinking & watching porn. But hey, this bitch is famous now.

His tracks are hurricanes, approaching quietly, building in intensity then overtaking everything in their path with ferocity, leaving a destroyed landscape upon their exit.

Styles: Electronica, Electro, TripHop, Minimal, Progressive & ElectroPunk. Labels: PNB Rec/Decksharks/Incense Records Spain/Aoa Recordings/Squad Music Group/Protorecords/Tailwhip Records

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